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Mr. Paidy Lukman

Founder - Alca Metals
CEO Forewords

Integrity, hardworking attitude & never ending appetite

Synergy between integrity, hardworking attitude & never ending appetite to learn will always be the biggest asset and core value foe each and every member of Alca Metals' family.

Onwards, one simple word best suited to describe ALCA Metals year ahead, keep moving forward to become one of the best integrated aluminium industry in the world.

My years of experience in Aluminium industry had proved that focused and far-sighted management is the platform on which long-term succes is built. Our customer relationship often last for several decades, with main focus on building long term mutual partnership and actual contribution through ALCA Metals’ high quality product.

Synergy between integrity, hardworking attitude and never-ending urge to learn will always be the biggest asset and core value for each and every member of ALCA Metals’ family, which will be inherited from generation to generation of peoples and management for years to come. 

In today’s era of globalization where communication system had improve signifcantly, borders between countries had becoming less significant towards businees development. To face the open world competition, ALCA Metals’ had committed to consistently improve quality to a higher  standard, be responsive towards clients’ demand, and continious improvement in industrial technology to meet the world class quality demand.

we are blessed with numbers of great business partners from all around the world, both domestic and international, who always support business development with orientation on long term mutual partnership. ALCA Metals’ is looking forward and enthusiast in sustaining this wonderful relationship fore more years to come. 

ALCA Metals’ will always be ready to face any new opportunity and challenges by holding firm on the synergy between management with orientation on corporate core value, quick adaptation towards globalization and application of new facillity/technology to improve production quality and capability.

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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Worldwide Distribution of ALCA Metals' products and moving towards "Integreted Aluminium industry"

Our Mission

Developing global network of supply partnership and consistently improve product value for customers.

Our Culture

Family owned since 1985

Our History

ALCA Metals, an interigted alumunium manufacturer, had experienced an exciting of growth.

Since 1985

The company first involved in alumunium market since 1985 as alumunium extrusion stockist, alumunium contractor/fabricator, and the first ALFO gate (alumunium folding gate) produccer in indonesia.

With a rapid growth its alumunium extrusion marketing network around the world, ALCA is located in Deli Serdang, North Sumatera, 80 km from PT.INALUM (the only aluminium ingot smelter in indonesia), ALCA operates on 250.000 sqm premises with more than 1.200 employes and production capacity of 60.000 ton of alumunium/ year.


PT. Alfo Citra Abadi was founded by founder Mr. Paidy Lukman under the name "ALUMEX" and mainly involved in aluminum related building projects.

Aluminium Extrusion Industry

PT. Alfo Citra Abadi established its first alumunium extrusion industry in Deli Serdang. Indonesia with 2 presses and less than 30 workers.

Export to Global Market

PT. Alfo Citra Abadi first export to the global market with client from singapore & australia.


PT. Alfo Citra Abadi develop a new business unit called "'ALCA  K&I'' that focus on producing aluminium ladders, furniture, garden furniture, and numbers of others aluminium products.


PT. Alfo Citra Abadi develop a new business division called ''ALUMEX-3D'' that focus on developing custom made high-end alumunium wardrobe & kitchen products.


PT. Alfo Citra Abadi increased the export capacity for Western Europe and all major cities in Australia.


PT. Alfo Citra Abadi increased the export capacity to Canada and Central America market, ''ALCA Metals'' brand for export quality aluminium extrusion.

60% Achieved Export Purpose

PT. Alfo Citra Abadi Achieving 60% of production allocation for export purpose.

90% Achieved Export Purpose

PT. Alfo Citra Abadi Achieving 90% of production allocation for export purpose.

Primaniyarta Export Award

PT. Alfo Citra Abadi Achieved Primaniyata Export Award, the highest national award from indonesia Government to the best performing exporter for 3 consecutive years.

Extrusion Press

PT. Alfo Citra Abadi Commisioning 5.000 MT Extrussion press

Alca Metals

Our Philosophy

ALCA will continue to focus on its primary objective in pioneering and developing aluminium business guided by :

Corporate Value
  • Integrity, Energy, Intelligent, Commitment, Hardworking, Attitude
  • Fine - TIming
  • Pragmatism
Management Focus
  • Continuous improvisation in quality 
  • Implementation of effective and effcient management
  • Continuous innovation through new technology application
Business Focus
  • Long term customers partnership 
  • Contribute positively toward customers' business through quality products and on-time delivery
  • Towards employees' welfare
Alca Metals

ALCA Metals Today

ALCA Metals principally active in manufacturing and marketing aluminium extrusion and primarry aluminium billet. Production facilities are all located under one roof with the concept of ''Integrated Aluminium Production Facility''. ALCA Metals' Products had been evenly distributed to domestic market since 1990, covering the island of Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan & Sulawesi. ALCA Metals' product had also been exported to 4 continents (Australia, Europe, America, and Africa), covering more than 20 major cities around the world.

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Alca Metals

Supply Chain

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